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Written by Terry Smith   

Catch me on Radio AM 1420 Cleveland - One to Many, No Dupes, 6-7PM   
Listen live online at whkradio.com
Call in at:   440-901-0945  or  888-281-1110

The theme of the show is Freedom -  great historical speeches by men and women who fight for freedom, with sword and with pen, what we do with our freedom (business, sports, arts, lifestyle), and what it's like NOT to have it (Douglass). Great words that apply in all ages. See how one person can influence many others and vice versa.

Each person is unique, no duplicates/dupes among these speakers or among the audience.

I will give a short intro t
o each memorized speech, then transition to the next speech with just a few measures of piano music or singing that I have recently recorded for each show.  I hope the show will inspire the audience to be more patriotic and civic-minded in their respective communities.

Sunday July 4th show will include:

  • the Declaration of Independence
  • Lou Gehrig's "Luckiest Man" speech of July 4th, 1939 at Yankee Stadium
  • Patriotic songs